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Looking for any type of medicines online? At Oshudhwala, they do just that. Use the 'Oshudhwala' App from your PlayStore to order medicine at utmost ease. From now on, you will never have to wait, go out or stand in line to get your medicines. Oshudhwala ensures full quality and delivers your medicines right to your door. 

Enjoy exclusive 5% discount through SaveUp. Check redemption instruction below.

What is included in the deal ?

The discount is valid for the following items below.

  • All types of prescribed drugs
  • All types of non prescribed drugs
  • Everything except departmental store and injectable items.


Fine print

  • Requires to download & install 'Oshudhwala' App on your android device: Download the APP
  • Requires to register with phone number or email to create an account

Redemption Instruction

Click the link to open your app: Download the APP

1. Add your products to the cart.

2. Apply the code 'saveup' to avail 5% discount.

3. Confirm to place your order.

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