Biye Bari

Biye Bari restaurant is located in Dhanmondi and the concept of creating Biye Bari was initially generated from a  question of mind that ‘How long we have never been to a Wedding Ceremony’? Often you feel that for a long time you didn’t taste any wedding cuisine. So they fixed our aim that they will feed traditional bengali wedding food to our customers in a wedding environment. Here in Bangladesh, people are rooted in tradition yet there is diversity seen in every realm of life, starting from food and customs that are reflected in Bangladeshi marriages. They have designed a unique wedding interior for their restaurant. Throughout the space of their restaurant, traditional Bangladeshi wedding design with organic and sensual elements is blended. The cutting-edge design stimulates and awakens the senses. Biye Bari has two hall rooms separated from each other which contains “Bridal Reception Stage” and a colorful “Gaye Holud Stage”. Biye Bari also has “Special Couple Corners” for couple guests and “Family Corners” for customers willing to visit Biye Bari with their families and “Conference Corner” for small groups. The Bengali wedding cuisines at the new restaurant will go beyond everything ever provided by other restaurants. So they created an environment which will give you the real feelings of attending a wedding ceremony with finger licking taste of wedding cuisines.

Business Hours:
Days: Sunday - Saturday 
Time: 12 PM to 11:30 PM

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Merchant Store

Biye Bari Dhanmondi

Navana GH Tower, 67 Satmasjid Road, Level-08, Sankar, Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Phone : 01976612207

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