C Minor Music Cafe

C Minor Music Cafe is a multi cuisine restaurant located in Dhanmondi. They serve a variety of dishes, keeping it interesting for the customers. The dishes they serve are of great quality and make them as delicious as possible. The ingredients are fresh and the chefs are professionals to bring out the most of all food. Their number one moto is to satisfy the customers in any way possible. Moreover, they also have live music and will play your favourite music or prefered music to set you in the mood. The interior is also well furnished and beautifully decorated which will please anyone and evey one. 


Business Hours:

Day: Sunday - Saturday 

Time: 12 PM to 11 PM

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Merchant Store

C Minor Music Cafe Dhanmondi

Keari crescent tower (level-03), Satmashjid road, Dhanmondi

Phone : 01760445559

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