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Tapout Fitness situated at Gulshan is an exceptionally esteemed gym. Fitness is significant for us all. Having a decent and sound body can affect lives in a positive way. Fitness focuses that utilize experienced instructors who can offer appropriate information just as guidance with respect to fitness and wellbeing, and state of the art instruments to assist them with getting the ideal shape, is every customer’s needs. In view of that, Tapout Fitness is propelled. Instructors will control, screen, and persuade you to stretch yourself as far as possible until you get the outcomes you need. They will give diet routines to customers, where customers will adhere to all the directions given by the instructors. The rec center additionally cutting edge instruments and apparatuses, alongside steam showers and numerous different facilities, prepared for the customers to utilize. This gym is not normal for anything Dhaka city has seen previously. So in the event that you need to build your body and character, at that point please visit Tapout Fitness.

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Days: Sunday - Saturday
Time: 7 AM to 11 PM


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Tapout Fitness Gulshan

Floor-3, Genetic Bara Bhuiyan, House-3A, Road-49, Gulshan-2

Phone : 01730316048

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